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A shared space for exchanging and advancing ideas and information about the decolonisation of knowledge – through activism, research, inclusive teaching and learning and creativity.

Good Trouble‘ quotation by the late John Lewis (1940-2020) – Alabama born U.S. statesman and civil rights leader

View examples of current campaigns, upcoming events and other activities taking place around the world linked to decoloniality.

Detail from the abstract painting ‘Another Time’ (‘Yebubuyi’), 2011, by Ghanaian artist Atta Kwami (b. 1956).

Be inspired by diverse examples of art and other aesthetic interventions being pursued by creative practitioners to achieve positive change and advance social justice.

Inspirational voices

“Searching for solutions is very much part of a struggle to survive; it is represented within our own ‘traditions’ for example, through creation stories, values and practices.”

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Source: ‘Decolonizing Methodologies’, 2nd Ed. (Zed Books, 2012)

This new shared space provides information and insights about developing and making effective contributions towards the decolonisation of knowledge.

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We are an international, interdisciplinary group of researchers and co-moderators, with diasporic links to Algeria, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK and the USA.

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