About the logo

The logo for the Decolonial Dialogues website was designed by contemporary visual artist Che Blenman in 2020. Each element of the artwork serves to symbolically represent the ethos and shared vision of the contributing editors, authors and correspondents actively involved in the initial inception and development of the website as a shared space for engaging in creative dialogues, scholar-activism and collaborative knowledge production about issues of inclusion, social justice and decoloniality.

The artwork comprises three pictorial components: (i) a speech bubble; (ii) a fingerprint; (iii) the silhouette of a human face shown in profile.

The three elements combine to visually articulate the following core messages about Decolonial Dialogues:

·         The speech bubble is illustrative of the role Decolonial Dialogues provides, welcoming (and amplifying) the ideas of all who engage with issues of decoloniality within this online space.

·         The fingerprint symbolises the uniqueness of each person’s identity, agenda and worldview whilst also illustrating a characteristic that is reflective of our shared humanity.

·         The face is deliberately ambiguous and indeterminate in its physical characteristics in order to be inclusively representative of everyone who engages within the Decolonial Dialogues shared space.

All members of the Decolonial Dialogues team are grateful to Che Blenman for creating such an appropriate design for the site. In addition, we also express sincerest thanks to our co-editorial colleague Dr Maica Gugolati for all the creative ideas she contributed during  initial consultations with Che – which served as a prelude to the conceptualisation of the logo artwork.

For further information about Che Blenman’s portfolio as a graphic designer and contemporary visual artist, please view his bio on the ‘About Us’ page, and also link to his Instagram  profile Cchemind c/o: https://www.instagram.com/cchemind/

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