Daffodils and Snow: Whose Language Matters? Part 1. A Conversation about Decolonising How We Teach, Learn, and Research

Three multilingual members of the Decolonial Dialogues co-editorial team – Riadh Ghemmour, Maica Gugolati and Carol Ann Dixon – present December’s jointly authored blog in order to critically reflect on the question, "Whose language matters?" Their research perspectives are informed by the decolonial praxis and scholar-activism of key luminaries – including Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Gayatri Spivak, Stuart Hall and Bagele Chilisa; and the featured linguistic analysis draws (respectively) on the contributors’ personal lived and learned experiences of speaking African Indigenous languages, translating singing-sign language, and performing Jamaican Patois poetics.

Decolonial Ecology: Holistically Addressing Environmental, Social, and Political Challenges for a Fairer and more Sustainable World

Book review: Ferdinand, M (2019), Une écologie décoloniale. Penser l'écologie depuis le monde Caribéen, Paris: Le Seuil, 432p. Disclaimer: This book review is based on some core ideas developed by Malcolm Ferdinand. Nonetheless, I selected the ones that resonated the…