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Interested In Writing For Us?

Guidelines and Advice from the Editorial Team

At Decolonial Dialogues, we welcome authored contributions which focus on questions that shape the nature and scope of knowledge production and research praxis grounded in a decolonial vision. While we remain an inclusive space open to a diverse range of contributions, Decolonial Dialogues provides you with the following guidelines to guide you:

  • Ideas can perhaps emerge from an event, experience, a quote, a text, an exhibition etc. Remember to keep your argument(s) precise and concise.
  • Remember to guide readers all along your piece; readers might have limited knowledge about your area of research, so it is encouraged to keep ideas and arguments clear, and simple.
  • Avoid using information and ideas as a fait accompli. Remember, everything is debatable and open to being critiqued.
  • Criticality and reflection are highly encouraged through providing key documentations and evidential information when necessary.
  • Keep the language accessible.
  • Double check the grammar, the punctuation and the spelling.
  • Please include a short bio (150 words max) with your submission.
  • Audio files and/or visual representations to accompany your piece are welcome (with appropriate acknowledgement of the source).

What can I submit?

Reflective blog – this should not exceed 1000 words 

Book review – this should not exceed 1000 words 


Visual/audio contributions (e.g. podcast)

Documentary film trailer/preview – with written synopsis

Performative speeches  

Non-linear narratives   

Event notifications – such as a relevant call for papers (CfP) for a conference/symposium

Online panel discussion, etc. 

Decolonial Dialogues Team is happy to consider other creative submissions.

What language should I use?

Though English is primarily used as a means of communication at Decolonial Dialogues, we welcome pieces and ideas written in other languages. Decolonial Dialogues Editorial Team is happy to discuss shorter translated descriptions to which can be accompanied with the original pieces to our site readers. 

If you are still unsure how to start, Decolonial Dialogues Editorial Team is happy to assist you and discuss any creative ideas and contributions. Please do use the ‘Your Voice’ form to get in touch.  

Reviewing Process

Decolonial Dialogues Editorial Team will review submissions (with a min. of two reviewers). To ensure a productive and respectful exchange between editors and authors, submissions remain confidential (i.e. not shared with an external body) and are treated ethically following the core principles of the site. In case submissions require some revisions to meet our requirements and the overarching agenda of our shared space, we will get in touch with authors to share our constructive feedback. 

All correspondence can be sent to

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