Daffodils and Snow: Whose Language Matters? Part 2. Considering Issues of Affect and Emotion within Decolonial Work

In Part 2 of this blog, three members of the Decolonial Dialogues co-editorial team continue their conversation about decolonising approaches to language teaching, learning, communication and research, within and beyond the academy. Furthering their responses to the initial provocation – “Whose language matters?”– particular emphasis is placed on issues of affect, emotion, vulnerability and care when undertaking decolonial work. An additional, creative feature is the inclusion of “Krik? Krak!” (or, “Crick? Crack!”) as a multilingual call-and-response device: specifically interweaving Jamaican Patois poetics, Indigenous North African Kabyle greetings, written in (ancient Berber) Tifinagh script, and the disability rights slogans of singing-sign language ("Chansigne") advocates.

Daffodils and Snow: Whose Language Matters? Part 1. A Conversation about Decolonising How We Teach, Learn, and Research

Three multilingual members of the Decolonial Dialogues co-editorial team – Riadh Ghemmour, Maica Gugolati and Carol Ann Dixon – present December’s jointly authored blog in order to critically reflect on the question, "Whose language matters?" Their research perspectives are informed by the decolonial praxis and scholar-activism of key luminaries – including Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Gayatri Spivak, Stuart Hall and Bagele Chilisa; and the featured linguistic analysis draws (respectively) on the contributors’ personal lived and learned experiences of speaking African Indigenous languages, translating singing-sign language, and performing Jamaican Patois poetics.

‘Deconstructing Institutional Racism through a Decolonial Lens’ (recorded event) – 14 October 2020

On Wednesday 14 October 2020, Decolonial Dialogues and Race, Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN), University of Exeter, UK hosted a virtual artist's talk, featuring musician and activist, Pravini Baboeram producer of the documentary 'The Uprising' Within this joint virtual artist's…

Learning from Indigenous Methodologies: A Master’s Student’s Decolonial Journey

Image source: https://www.alaskanative.net Nikki Auhl & Riadh Ghemmour Nikki Auhl, master's student in creative arts (University of Exeter, UK) shares her journey in undertaking Indigenous research. In this interview, Riadh Ghemmour, co-editor of Decolonial Dialogues, reflects upon what it means…