Decolonial Dialogues/IPS Collaboration Event : ‘Decolonial Muslim Studies and Defending Muhammad ‘ Conversation between Prof. SherAli Tareen and Dr. Humeira Iqtidar – 12th August (2 PM UK Time/6 PM Pakistan Time/9 AM EST)

In our third collaboration with IPS we continue discussions on the possibilites of doing decolonial research in the context of Islam in the Sub-continent.

In this talk, we discuss Prof. SherAli Tareen’s wonderful book ‘Defending Muhammad in Modernity’.  The talk reflects on Prof. Tareen’s book which describes how theo-philosophical traditions of Islamic thought in the 19th Century Subcontinent complicate the secular perceptions of Islam. Using primarily the Deobandi and Barelvi theological assertions in the social space of 19th Century Sub-continent, Prof. Tareen challenges the binaries of traditional/moderate, progressive/conservative and legal/mystical embedded often in secular perceptions of Islamic tradition. The talk reflects on how we contend with western and modern constructions of religion and particularly the study of islam, when Islamic traditions are taken into account as epistemological and ontological frames of thoughts in of themselves.

Dr. Humeira Iqtidar Reflects on the book through her work followed by an open discussion by local (Pakistani) scholars on the history of Islamic Philosphy in the sub-continent.

The talk will primararly be in Urdu for reasons of accessbility as well for the purposes of ‘de-centering’ linguistic hegemony of english scholarship.

Join us on the 12th August through this zoom link:

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