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IPS/DD Collaborative Event Prof. Manan Ahmed Asif’s ‘Book of Conquest:The Chachnama and Muslim origins in South Asia’ in Discussion (25 March 6 PM Pakistan Time/8 AM EST/12 PM GST)

IPS/DD event on Discussion of Prof. Manan Ahmed Asif’s The Book of Conquest: The Chachnama and Muslim Origins in South Asia.

Discussants include Prof. Sadia Mahmood ( Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad), Prof. Saeed Ahmed Rid (Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad), Asghar Soomro ( Journalist), and Jami Chandio ( Exec. Director for Peace and Civil Society).

The Book of Conquest is a brilliant intervention in the history of islam in the Sub-continent as it takes one of the most prolific, oldest and discrusively rich archival text ‘The Chachnama’ and discusses its historiographical progression through time. Dispelling orthodox accounts of the historic text, Prof. Manan looks at how the text is subtle, displaying layers of political ethos and gives a different story to the ingress of muslim empire in the Sub-Continent not as simply one of ‘agression’ and ‘invasion’.






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