‘Deconstructing Institutional Racism through a Decolonial Lens’ (recorded event) – 14 October 2020

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

On Wednesday 14 October 2020, Decolonial Dialogues and Race, Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN), University of Exeter, UK hosted a virtual artist’s talk, featuring musician and activist, Pravini Baboeram producer of the documentary ‘The Uprising’

Within this joint virtual artist’s event, Pravini and all correspondents discussed the genesis of the movie, and shared, in details, and at length, opinions and lived realities that touched upon race and racism, colonial legacies, decolonial movement and strategies of liberation and emancipation.

Below, you can find the recording of the event which we are pleased to share with our correspondents.

Deconstructing Institutional Racism through a Decolonial Lens (event recorded), 14 October 2020, 4-6pm hosted via Zoom.

We are also pleased to share a follow-up document which captured the most significant and key points of discussions which emerged during the event. The document also contains further resources which we hope are going to be useful to our readers and correspondents to use in their respective areas of expertise.

Decolonial Dialogues, REEN and Pravini would like to thank all of their correspondents who engaged in such conversation. We would also be so pleased to welcome any further comment and feedback from you if you wish to carry on the conversation. Please do get in touch if you wish to do:

Pravini Baboeram: info@pravinimusic.com

Decolonial Dialogues: editordecolonialdialogues@gmai.com

Race, Ethnicity and Education Network: exeterreen@gmai.com

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